Get ready to take control of your Consciousness.


Permission Granted!


Rank these 10 Adult Permission Rules in Order of Most important (1) to least important (10).  

Then rewrite your top three rules on a 3X5 card in first person and read daily. Watch as they become part of your new awareness and impetus for change.


1.    IT IS OK TO FEEL WHAT YOU FEEL.   Give yourself permission to feel your feelings because feelings are not right or wrong, they just are.  No one can tell you how you feel.  

2.    IT IS OK TO WANT WHAT YOU WANT.  Give yourself permission to want what you want even if it differs from others around you.  There’s nothing you should not want.  

3.    IT IS OK TO SEE AND HEAR WHAT YOU SEE AND HEAR. Give yourself permission to remember that what you saw and heard as a child is what you saw and heard, even if your caretakers have told you something contrary to what you know you experienced.  This is part of developing important trust for your self.

4.    IT IS OK AND NECESSARY TO HAVE LOTS OF FUN AND PLAY. By allowing yourself permission to be and feel like a child again, you’ll be able to enjoy spontaneous free play.  It’s an essential part to a lighter life and important way to relieve stress.

5.    IT IS IMPORTANT TO TELL YOUR TRUTH.  When you misrepresent your true feelings your reality becomes distorted and then needs to be corrected. Give yourself permission to tell the truth about what you think and feel. When you do this you align with your word and your life aligns with who you really are.

6.    IT IS IMPORTANT TO KNOW YOUR OWN LIMITS. Give yourself permission to know when enough is enough. You’ll feel when it’s time to surrender and let your heart lead you in the right direction.

7.    IT IS OK FOR YOU TO DO THE WORK YOU LOVE. Give yourself permission to earn a living doing what makes you feel good.  You don’t have to live up to anyone else’s model of what’s right for you. Buddha said “If you do the work you love, you’ll never have to work another day in your life!”

8.    MISTAKES ARE HOW WE LEARN. Mistakes are our greatest teachers.  By a system of trial and error we learn what works and what doesn’t. Give yourself permission to be OK with mistakes and life will be a lot lighter.

9.    OTHER PEOPLE’S FEELINGS, NEEDS, AND WANTS ARE TO BE RESPECTED AND VALUED BUT NOT OWNED. Disrespecting the boundaries of others  leads to feelings of guilt, shame, and blame.  While respecting the boundaries of others creates feelings of love, harmony and mutual respect.  Remember to maturely detach when your wants differ from those around you because their needs belong to them not you.  Equally, give yourself permission to put your needs first, unless you willingly and consciously choose differently.

10.IT IS NORMAL TO HAVE PROBLEMS. Problems are not right or wrong unless you make them so.  They are simply a normal part of life.  Give yourself permission to accept that you will have daily challenges to overcome.  As the wonderful Marie Forleo says, “Everything is figure-out-able.”  Give yourself permission to accept and then release your problems as you turn towards the solutions.


Veronica Connors, Conscious Programs